“Perfection takes a powerful look at self-harm. It is the ideal film to open up a dialogue that can support prevention and recovery. Perfection can be used as an educational tool for individual’s interested in better understanding this highly misunderstood and secretive disorder”. Dr. Tonja Krautter

Perfection is an excellent example of a brilliant independent film.  Full of passion, art, great acting and a serious story that is very well told.—Carole Dean, writer/Producer, From the Heart Productions

“Perfection is a powerful mother-daughter road trip. Through the journey they take is within. “ Leonard Buschel, The Reel Recovery film festival

Christina Beck’s film Perfection offers an intimate and unflinching look at the secretive and isolating behavior of self-harm and an opportunity for those who suffer and those who work with the suffering to share an awareness and further the process of healing. Susan Seeger LMFT

It has always been our intention to screen PERFECTION in treatment centers, women’s groups and in communities that may be interested in this story.




If you would like to have a private screening of PERFECTION please contact us @ Perfectionthemovie@gmail.com