“It’s uncomfortably real, but that authenticity makes it a great film.”


PERFECTION is an independent feature film about an unlikely love story that proves we are more than our scars.


Kristabelle, still living with her Mother cuts herself to feel alive. Her Mother, addicted to plastic surgery also cuts herself trying to maintain her youth. Through the help of a pot smoking young lover, a newly sober British stand up comic and Chinese medicine they all find that love can be more than skin deep. Please remain updated on the latest news of writer, director Christina Beck’s debut feature film, PERFECTION.


The UK premiere of an outstanding American indie production, shot on weekends over a period of two and a half years, now garnering acclaim and awards on the film festival circuit. It’s the story of Kristabelle, a 30 something who still lives with her mother Sally. Whereas Kristabelle is terrified of men and asserting her independence, Sally fancies sees herself as a young, misunderstood sex kitten. While the mother is addicted to plastic surgery, the daughter finds relief from her suffocating life with more secretive cuts. But both are about to discover that love can be more than skin deep. Writer-director Christina Beck also plays Kristabelle and triumphs on all three counts in this beautifully written, perfectly acted and strikingly shot delight. RIO Cinema, London.



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31 thoughts on “Perfection The Movie


    Christina! You did it! I am so proud of you! I cannot wait to see “Perfection” I love the Mother!

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Talent Galore is Christina Beck!
    Thanks a million for sharing.

  2. Jennifer Kramer says:

    Dear Christina and Annette,
    I have been meaning to drop a line and wish you continued success! A belated congrats to you Christina, for winning the IFP director grant. Can’t wait to see your film!

  3. Janie Beck says:

    Christina, this looks very interesting. Let us know where and when we can see the movie. We are very proud of you. Keep up the good work. We are in need of young talented people like you. Love you darling.
    Janie & Rosie Beck

    1. perfectionthemovie says:

      Thank you for your interest. We are just finishing up our post productions and plan to screen the film worldwide in the next year. Please check back on this site for updates and join our Facebook page too!

  4. anonymous says:

    Hello, I am interested in speaking with someone about the distribution plans for the film. I look forward to hearing from you

  5. Hunter Lee Hughes says:

    I’m so happy for you Christina. It looks great and I love the music. When can I see it? Congrats on making your first feature!!!!

  6. Tannis says:

    Wow, so many emotions stirred just watching the trailer. I can’t wait to see it. Beauty, perfection, compassion, raw and real – that’s the hint I get from the preview. Please keep me posted on where and when I can see the film.

  7. walter says:

    congrats Christina. I look forward to seeing it soon. your short that you based your new film on was amazing. way to persevere. walt

  8. carrie white says:

    Blood and guts, no pun intended. BRAVO~~~~~~!!!
    Your journey is inspiring , your work is Divine.

    A true genius, cos you make it look so easy…and we know it is not. You bear witness of the love of art and craft. Again, Bravo angel~!

  9. Elizabeth Flores says:

    My dearest female director, or is it a director that happens to be a female?,
    Christina, congratulations on a movie that speaks from your heart. Bravo to courage! Bravo to intelligent expression!

  10. Sarah Brecht says:

    I would love to get a copy of this movie. See I run a self injury support group in Akron, Ohio and a movie like this would be perfect to show them. Please, is there anyway to get a copy? Ill pay for it. I just really think it will be helpful to my girls. Thank you, Sarah

  11. Jack McGee says:

    Congrats…looks great and I know how much work is involved and I would like to support your film. please keep me in the loop…Jack

  12. Tracey Dale says:

    Loved this poignant, funny, beautiful film. Christina Beck’s script and the talented cast left me laughing, wincing, and finally in tears.
    Loved the music. Loved this ‘other’ L.A…stunning.

  13. Brandon Baker says:

    Looks interesting, would like to talk to you about its distribution rights. Please contact me to discuss them, thank you.

  14. Amrik Singh says:

    I have been checking the website periodically in hopes to find out how to get a copy of the movie. Are there any updates on acquiring a copy?? Would love to see it!


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