Join Our CrowdFunding Campaign

I’m reaching out to friends and supporters to formally announce our crowd funding campaign to raise $15,000 finishing funds for the micro-budget independent feature film that explores the secret world of self-injury with humor, healing and hope… PERFECTION. If you can think of anyone to forward this to I’d be most grateful!❤ Check out our pitch video!

 To get PERFECTION to stream online via iTunes, Hulu, Netflix etc there are a few last costs like music clearance, legal fees and I am also excited to take Perfection to treatment centers and Women’s groups. Our first screening @ The Teen Project, a facility for women 18-25 where I have been teaching a creative writing class for the past few months was amazing!


How can YOU help?

1. DONATE. If you can, please contribute money towards our goal. Any amount is you can give is appreciated and much needed. ❤ Donations $250 and above are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

2. SHARE and FOLLOW We are confident that we can get more people to see this incredible film if our current supporters use the power of their own voices to spread the word. Please share our campaign via email, Facebook, Twitter and any other social platform you use. Help us grow our audience. Forward this info to your nearest and dearest. Follow our campaign on Seed & Spark. Tell others to follow. Like us on social media for updates and shout-outs! Facebook: Twitter: 3. PRESS AND MEDIA. If you have significant contacts in the press or media, we need your help directing their attention to our campaign. Let’s get PERFECTION going viral in the trades and news outlets. “Micro-budget indie film exposes the secret world of self-injury with healing and hope” . Your support means the world to us (me) Thank you so much for making this dream come true! ​ Lot’s of love, xo Christina


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